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Of mine See mymaster list of 2019 prop betsfor more information. For performance-based player props,follow me in The Action Network app 2019 Year-to-Date Prop Record 127-105-9, +23.71 Units NFL:21-13-0, +11.72 Units NBA:50-35-2, +9 52 Units NHL:45-49-6, +0.78 Units Golf:3-4-1, -0.50 Units NASCAR:3-2-0. +1.55 Units NCAAF:0-1-0 -1.00 Units NCAAB:0-1-0. -1.00 Units Exotics:5-0-0. +2.64 Units Will LeVeon Bell & Antonio Brown Be on the Same Team in Week 1 of 2019 Yes:+500 No:-1000 Since 2013, running back LeVeon Bell and wide receiver Antonio Brown have been Pittsburgh Steelers teammates, but both players seem highly unlikely to be with the organization this upcoming season After sitting out 2018 because of a contract dispute with the team, Bell is an unrestricted free agent reportedly looking for $48 million over the next three years Brown is still under contract, but in his head hes already gone. Brown and agent Drew Rosenhaus recently had a meeting with Steelers owner Art Rooney II, general manager Kevin Colbert and vice president Omar Kahn Reportedly, they all agreed that a trade would be best. So heres the question: Will Bell and Brown somehow end up on the same team in 2019 I really doubt it Antonio Brown Might Actually Stay With the Steelers To start with, theres a 0% chance Bell will re-sign with the Steelers, but Brown might very well end up back with the team in 2019 Colbert has said that the team wont trade Brown unless the deal benefits the Steelers This is probably just GM talk, but theres a real chance the Steelers wont hear any offers they actually like Plus,Brown is due a $2.5 million roster bonus on March 17, so the time frame to get a deal done is fairly short And the trade market for Brown might be smaller than expected: His play fell off last season, the Steelers deactivated him in a must-win Week 17 game for insubordination and he has behaved erratically on social media and in public since the season ended The Steelers reportedly wont consider trading Brown to the Patriots or to any team in the AFC North, and the Colts arent expected to pursue Brown even though they have the salary cap space They might want to avoid trading him to any team in the AFC altogether, just so they wont have to risk facing him in the playoffs I think theres an under-appreciated chance that when Week 1 starts, Brown is still with the Steelers Will Any Team Be Able to Afford or Want Both Bell & Brown Three teams have reportedly already reached out to the Steelers about Brown, so hes definitely likely to be traded, but the pool of teams with a real chance of acquiring him is relatively small On top of that, for both Bell and Brown to end up on the same team, a franchise has to be able and willing to commit at least $30 million (and almost certainly more) per year to the two of them for the next few seasons Few teams have that type of financial flexibility. Of those that do, fewer have needs at both running back and wide receiver Andof the teams with the necessary cap space, there might not be any organization inclined to pay up for two players with reputations as malcontents With -1000 odds, theres a 90.9% implied probability that Bell and Brown wont be on the same team next year I think the true odds are at least 95% and maybe as high as 98%. I bet No at -1000 and would bet it down to -1500 The Pick: No (-1000) Matthew Freedmanis the Editor-in-Chief of FantasyLabs. He has a dog and sometimes aBritish accent In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, hes known only asThe Labyrinthian.