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I will show you a video, it is disgusting If you would like to see it You have


Been warned. Stop the video in the next few seconds, in 3, 2, 1 Hello everyone In today's video I will talk about my experience using Minoxidil for over 7 years Since December of 2011 until now. I would like to thank all the new subscribers. Thank you for your support, likes comments. If you haven't done so, please subscribe to my channel and activate de notifications one of the questions people ask me is: Why do I publish stuff unrelated to Hair transplants and honestly, I would like to tell you that HT are a very small part of of my life and my reality. It is something I got 15 years ago and I had left it alone until this year when I opened my channel I noticed that the topic of hair transplants I have lots of first hand experience as a patient that I can share with you I have used minoxidil for the last 7 and a half years I use the generic version. I don't pay for the brand I use the generic version which is very expensive btw. this 6 pack is supposed to last about a month per can they last me a little less is about 50 USD It is not cheap. It's a lifelong treatment... I will show you a video circa summer of 2012 at the time I had stopped using Propecia and had transitioned to minoxidil although the video quality is poor it will show you the then status of the vortex/crown which was pretty dense at the time and in reality my whole hair was of better quality thanks to the use of Finasteride although it had been a while I had stopped its use. Please notice something particular although the hair style is very similar it is not... back then I styled my hair my native hair, I would comb it forward to hide the lack of density of my HT's. Nowadays is exactly opposite. Now I style my transplanted hair, which is stronger over the recession area in order to mask the baldness that's the actual value of the video that I could cut my hair shorter and I had better density. And now I will show you images, the "after images" I took this images this morning in HD, with good lighting and I got up and close for you to see in detail how my baldness has progressed. Now my crown area is way worse and I wanted to show you to the best of my ability my current conditions so that nobody can say that I am pro or against I just want to you MY personal experience using Minoxidil I'm recording I'm going to try to rotate I hope I can get good images I wanted to be fair with Minoxidil and that is why i marked this image where I think that Minoxidil had an effect throughout these years because I can see slightly stronger hair, than in the rest of the crown area. A question you may have is why do I keep using minoxidil despite the bad results Because I have no options when I started using minoxidil it was one of the 2 products approved for use to combat baldness. I had discarted the use of Finasteride and had transitioned to Minoxidil. in the last few years there have been new options to address male pattern baldness such as PRP's I haven't tried any of them. this summer I will get and evaluation for a possible 3rd HT and I will ask my doctor to see if PRP's are an option and see how I like the whole thing... of which I know nothing regarding the side effects... the only side effect of Minoxidil are some pimples that I get very often in my crown area and I have to pop them because they hurt. My wife pops them with a tool so, I am going to show you a video it is disgusting. If you want to see it... I am warning you, stop the video. Skip the next five seconds in 3 2... 1 what do you think I think it is gross. what about you have you used Minoxidil what has been your experience are you considering it Please comment that is all for today. Thanks for watching. Until next time!