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.. Who is that Okay, that's misleading. Okay, number one. 'Put your leg up on my hip, when you dip I dip we dip' *sniffs* Ashleigh *incorrect* All right. 0 for 1. Starting strong. Is that Ashleigh *incorrect* No Uh Ashleigh *incorrect* 'Put your leg up on my hip, when I dip you dip we dip' That is Madelaine, right *correct* But let me just say I posted that picture first. Okay. 'Trenza doble Belieza doble Doble Sprouse' 'Trenza doble Belieza -doble... What is this Doble Trenza doble Beli Trenzey dobley Bel-, I can't even, wha-, why I don't know what This is Ashleigh, right *correct* Hashtag bless, that's me I can tell because of the way the photo is edited. It's like a very Ashleigh way of editing a photo *Cole being adorable* No, this is horrifying. Ooooh 'My sister put this on my toilet.... thanks for giving me a heart attack' Oh my gosh. I can't even look at that. I'm just gonna guess. Uhmmmmmmmm... KJ *incorrect* No Really All those spiders Camila *incorrect* Cole. *incorrect* Casey *incorrect* Lili *correct* Really Okay, Lili, I see you. Sisters... *explosion of adorableness* So what are you gonna do 'Day one here we go! hashtag fool for love hashtag cmudrama' Ohhhh oh oh oh oh *inhales* *awkwardly exhales* Casey *correct* Yeah Ohhhh! It was the think games, the you could tell, it was the exhalation, yeah. 'That's a wrap on season 1 of Riverdale! This is BTS from Archie & the gang saving Cheryl.' Uhhhhmm KJ *incorrect* Um Lili. No. *incorrect* 'That's a wrap on season 1 of Riverdale. This is BTS from Archie & the gang saving Cheryl.' KJ. *clock ticking* *incorrect* What! *laughs hysterically* That was Mads, I think. *correct* Yeah. *laughs* I can't believe I missed it! Didn't give it a like. Aww that's it. Alright! I got like fi-, uh, half wrong *laughs* Better than last time, right I need to not spend so much time on social media apparently.