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There are a lot of heated debates that come up around the topic of moral and ethics


And a lot of people think that they're very cut and dry so when we look at people like Steve Rogers aka Captain America as well as Tony Stark aka Iron Man we can see how they have a set a set of morals coming together with similar ethical values they can get back together and help defeat Thanos in endgame and there's a lot of lessons that we can learn from this what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired so where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you're new to my channel my channel is all about mental health and sometimes I like to take different topics from pop culture to try to teach you how to improve your mental and emotional well-being so any of that stuff make sure you subscribe and ring that notification bell so couple of things real quick I won't another blog post this morning it'll be linked down in the description as well as in the pin comment if you want to check that out I kind of threw back to the Civil War I'm gonna touch on some things in this video from that blog post but if you want to get more of a outlook on the Civil War aspect of it between their different morals between Captain America and go check that blog post out second thing is I freaking love superhero movies I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe I'm going to be doing a lot of character breakdowns and mental health topics going into the Avengers end game okay so if you're not an Avengers fan bear with me I'm gonna be covering a lot of really important topics so just just watch learn a little bit about the Avengers as well as learn a little bit about mental health and if you have any topics that you think might be interesting moving forward let me know down in the comments things such as survivor's guilt right like we're looking going into in-game with the surviving Avengers trying to avenge the Fallen Avengers and things like that there's also some relationships you know between Tony Stark and Peter Parker and that kind of relationship I want to talk about Black Widow all sorts of stuff alright if you have any topics you want me to cover let me know down in the comments below okay so anyways let's talk about morals and ethics okay this is so important so so so important especially with some of the things going on around the topic of mental health on YouTube like there's so many things where I see people saying this is ethical this isn't ethical and one of the things I struggle with is a lot of people believe that these things are very cut and dry and and they're not all right they they are often like a set of morals are often formed based on our own experiences our life choices our own personal values like they vary from person to person some examples I want to give you before jumping into the topic of the Avengers these topics alright sex workers okay some people might find that immoral veganism and vegetarianism think about what those people find moral and immoral okay then look at the topic of polyamory okay someone who's monogamous might find polyamory immoral so like I want you to just kind of broaden your mind and open it up just for a minute so realize that these things aren't so cut and dry as they seem so in the avengers endgame and we saw in the Avengers infinity war we saw um Steve Rogers and Tony Stark come back together okay they got into it a little bit in the Civil War so let's talk about why that is alright you could say that you know see Rogers and Tony Stark had different sets of morals and we can look towards philosophy for this to philosophy covers a lot in the realm of morals and ethics so I'm reading them an amazing book right now it's actually called like The Avengers and philosophy I love it so much they kind of do what I do when they take pop culture to teach a lesson absolutely loving it so anyways yes Steve Rogers Steve Rogers follows philosophy of deontology okay what is right is right do the right thing no matter what has your set of right things to do and do those things okay that's one of the issues that Steve Rogers had with Tony Stark so Tony Stark his moral philosophy is something of utilitarianism okay this is more an idea of logic so a great way to kind of explain these two different types of moral philosophies deontology is looking at right first wrong okay where you tell italian ism is better or worse so somebody like Tony Stark in the Civil War and I explained this more in depth in the blog post he was looking at okay based on the circumstances this is the best possible outcome so people who have that kind of utilitarian Asst moral philosophy they are looking for net net positive okay like this is best-case scenario we need to do this based on the best case scenario somebody likes Steve Rogers who stands firmly in his ideals he's not going to waver all right I made a way to kind of look at this is a philosophical thought experiment all right so let's say that you are on a runaway runaway trolley okay there is a group of people on them kill them all okay now you have a choice there is a lover that you can pull this is the only thing you do to take it off the trolley or anything like that nothing crazy the only choice you have is to pull that lever and if you pull that lever the trolley will switch tracks and it will kill one person standing on those tracks okay so which one would you choose okay think about that for a second maybe leave the comments down below would you let the trolley go and well over a group of people or would you make the decision to pull the lever and hit that one person okay so when looking at Tony Stark verse the see Rogers we could probably say that Tony Stark would pull that lever Steve Rogers probably wouldn't pull that lever because he would have to make the conscious decision which would kill people okay he would make that conscious decision so this is something where these two these two differ now I don't know I've never had these to do a thought experiment because they're fictional characters all right that's where these two butt heads now when Santos comes into play in the infinity war how do morals come into play there okay so something that's always fascinated me is that everybody is the hero of their own story all right like if you think about it nobody nobody does what they think is wrong right everybody does something thinking that they're the hero so when you look at samos away trying to accomplish throughout the infinity war he's trying to get these de Infinity stones so he can wipe out half of the universe population okay he believes that is the best thing possible since they're struggling with overpopulation so he needs a wife wipe out half of the population so you might think okay well this fan os- have a utilitarian point of view where he's looking at best-case scenario like even though you have to sacrifice half of the population let's do this and now if we look at it like that does Ironman have that same view when you think about that well if a man is you tella terian as well why didn't he agree with what Santos is doing and this is where we can look at Tony Stark and Steve Rogers coming back together to defeat us because I would argue that although Tony Stark has a utilitarian philosophy of morals he's looking at that and the ends don't justify the means all right so the means would be wiping out half the population in order to save you know the rest of the population he doesn't believe that that's justified I would think you know somebody like Tony Stark who you know has has taken his intelligence and his inventions to try to better mankind I would imagine somebody like Tony Stark with dudes the best he possibly could to try to come up with new resources to you know try I'm looking to see if life can be sustained on other planets so that's what he disagrees with Thanos and that brings up the ethics of the Avengers and how Tony and Steve were able to come back together because the difference between morals and ethics is morals is like your personal system that you follow right isaacs are more of a set of rules okay and the Avengers when you have all these different personalities coming together it's hard for them to have a set of rules you know what I mean even though you know Iron Man a Captain America or two of the figureheads they're gonna have some differences they're coming together to defeat Thanos so what does this mean for all of you when it comes to mental health one of the biggest things is we get so furious with people who disagree with us we get so upset when people disagree with us and we get so selfish and self-centred and I thinking we think our way is the only way this is right this is wrong and the reason why I say I say it's selfish and self-centered is because we completely neglect another person's experience or reality and my personal my personal opinion and outlook on this is like it's explained in the blog post okay go check that out because I don't want to get into that too much here I'll go back to the original topics I gave you okay so let's go back to sex workers all right there are many people who think that's immoral they think that this is immoral you shouldn't be doing that right but for a sex worker that's a hundred percent moral okay then you get vegans and vegetarians all right like one of those like moral high-ground vegetarians vegans vegetarians sometimes think that any meat-eater is being immoral but there are meat eaters who believe what they're doing is moral you see what I mean and then you get into the whole dispute of vegans versus vegetarians because vegetarians like myself still eat dairy products right still eat eggs and things like that and then you look at the subject of polyamory versus monogamy there are people who think it's morally incorrect to be polyamorous you should be with one person that's it no polyamory and they're against like open relationships and all those things but in all these scenarios who's right and who's wrong like is it hurting anybody like what's the net gain out of it right and some of these situations like it's its overall happiness that you're looking for that's kind of what utilitarians look at is overall happiness what's gonna satisfy the greater good you know what I mean let's look at gay marriage there are certain people who think that's immoral who's right who's wrong now I know you have your own beliefs on these things but is it fair to really say that this person is immoral because they were raised to serve because they follow a certain religion you know things like and I understand that in an honest debate people can make cases for these things but that's why I encourage debates rather than arguments and that's why I think this really affects our mental health I feel that we live in a time where people no longer debates they just argue and they fight and they get pissed off when someone disagrees with them it's my way or the highway and I think that's one of the reasons why so many things like politics are just so polarizing you know what I mean at the end of the day people just have different paths that they want to take to reach the same goal which is overall happiness and you know the betterment of mankind so I just want you to think about that I want you to think if you're stuck in your morals and your in your value system where you don't even open your mind to another point of view to have a calm conversation is that affecting your mental health all right like I want you to think about that stuff anyways like I said leave comments down below let me know your thoughts on this topic let me know any suggestions you have for mental health topics going into the event just again like I said I have a bunch of ideas I'll put them down in the description below you can take a look at them and then come up with more ideas all right anyways that's all I got for this video if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if you're new make sure you subscribe and ring that notification bell a huge huge thank you to everybody supporting the channel over on patreon you're all amazing if you would like to sign up and become a patron you can click the top right there alright thanks again so much for watching I'll see you next time