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Saegusa Kokoro & Jun at Taiheiyo Club Gotemba WEST 10-12H The previous video In


This video K : Can I try facing really right J : Sure, you're facing really straight now The second half will be preparation and adjustment for the Monthly Tournament tomorrow Y : Good shot! J : Beautiful! K : I was facing that direction J : But it doesn't really feel so K : Really J : Tailwind K : It's quite strong J : I think I'll try hitting it to the left J : Grip it properly... K : Oh that's nice! Good shot! J : It's just right~! K : Perfect J : Iron No.9 K : Yes, grip the left hand properly K : Right foot K : I'm going to face this side more than what I imagine J : Head up K : This is bad~ K : What was that J : It was your head K : It struck here J : What's wrong~ K : I'm going home J : The weather is nice K : Ah, stop $%&"'# K : Ah, I'm sick of this... K : I don't like this J : I knew you were going to mess up there J : Nice recovery! Y : Just leave it as it is K : Ah, it's not breaking J : I don't think it is going to break that much J : It's here! Birdie! J : Well, for now, straight ahead J : It's narrow!! J : It looks really narrow to me! K : It looks even narrower from the phone J : Serious K : Yeah K : Looks good! Nice shot! J : Stop! This is bad! J : It might be just before the green K : Seems like it stopped K : 130 yards K : It's hitting downhill with a tailwind so about 115 to 120 yards K : Garden J : I think I will aim for the left side perhaps~ J : It's quite narrow though J : Ah, I topped it... K : Isn't it fine as it is K : Oh, nice up! It went on the green K : Oh that might do it, no way, you gotta be kidding! J : It broke in the middle K : It came like this and turned J : Probably because of Mt Fuji and its slope K : Ah the grain change K : Good par! J : I'll try betting on a slice K : If you don't make a slice, I don't think you will reach the pin there J : Oh my! K : It's the trees. Probably fell right below it J : Evoking the fighting spirit K : I'm going to voice it out J : Looking good! K : But I think I tripped somewhere in the swing Y : Nice on! K : She gave a 'nice on' although it so far J : No way! K : Really, it's practically from one end to the other K : If you expect me to sink it in 2 putts, that's really strict! J : Using No.8 (Pin is that way) K : She's saying that she will turn it with No.8 K : I really can't understand her K : Maybe she's imagining herself as Tiger Woods or something J : I'm going to turn it with No.8! J : Like this Probably this is the correct way K : Oh, did it turn J : It's not reaching K : It turned but instead, the distance is... J : That wasn't right there K : Ah~ It breaking so much! K : More! It's twice of what I thought!! K : Ah, I slacked off J : Good job! This times score KokoroJun Next is 13-15H Look forward to it! Looking for Golf Clubs and Golf Manufacturers who would like ringolf to feature them For inquiries, please send them to toiawase@rin.golf Thank you very much for watching till the end! Those who are interested in the other videos, tap the video on the left Please tap the right button to SUBSCRIBE to our channel! Give us some comments and likes too!