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I have tears good morning guys we are starting our day off at MTO Cafe here in


Las Vegas I've never been before and I've been dying to check it out so let's go I went with a vanilla latte because I thought we were coming here for breakfast and I realized that it was already after noon so I ordered a Reuben sandwich and I don't think that pairs very well with a vanilla latte so I'm just gonna try to drink this before I get my sandwich how do I get the smallest item you guys got so much food and I got this little teeny wrap gravy bacon cheese and egg on top yeah that sounds super good you want to trade this makes a look this makes it look like I'm on a diet I'm totally not at all I got the avocado omelette wrap we haven't used the GoPro in a long time yeah I don't think anyone will notice oh my gosh it is so cold in Las Vegas today it feels like it negative 300 degrees accurate prediction in a car is that it was 58 I don't believe it would hurt we just came inside Kyle and I killing and Wade are going to the adventure dome and we've never been before Haley still doesn't know overdoing yeah yeah we're going to Starbucks into indoors Oh awesome he's a man holy crap that's insane this is our first time ever being here I didn't realize how much stuff was crammed inside the adventure domes on the outside it doesn't look massive but then we're on the inside you're like wow this is actually pretty big this is absolutely huge that's crazy you guys trying to go on that thing we're trying to do this one it's gonna be intense oh it's called el loco gonna be a loco the crazy gloves can be intense Oh that was like more enjoyable coasters that you're like they're making so house like a double locking features so this locks it in place but then you have to take that off to take it off so it's actually like really cool this is what they've done for the new ones super secure we're here on the extreme feeder live I believe it's Pacific Rim they put us in chairs or like an actual ride or but Billy say that she seems like in the background I mean it is what you make it oh yeah this looks better go to the front go to the front oh my gosh it's gonna be so cool what did you want the band trying to get us sick this is not me so cool oh my gosh picture getting ready to go on this link shot right now it's going to be legit how you feeling oh my gosh we're gonna go check out the 4d movie experience we just got these special glasses about to go down on these go-karts right now and for dinner we brought them to Shake Shack have you guys ever been before how amazing does this food look right now it's like perfect we got the bacon cheese fries because you can't come to Shake Shack without getting those I got a chicken sandwich everybody else got burgers and then Kyle and Wade went with that salvation chocolate chip shake a chocolate shake you can share with me now you guys are welcome to grab your food after we've logged it this Shake Shack is in the New York New York location here on the Las Vegas Strip so if you guys are ever in Las Vegas and you're I don't know where to eat you should definitely come here and Cayley was confused by a little wooden fork that you get with the fries but that is what you use to eat the fries with the food here always looks picture-perfect to video perfect at least listen up there's some good you good no reason this is good is gonna get tonight cuz it's so cold we didn't want anything it out you guys get missed it yeah missed me let's make Jeremy you just gotta time it right when you drive by so you're gonna get stuck in traffic and then you just watch it exactly the only not the part you go see it he's inside one of the camps we have Dominion set up again oh no I'm gonna win tonight yeah one game I'm gonna sleep Kyle ended up winning the first round of Dominion but we played another round one game I destroyed everyone yeah but I still want is still count we had a great evening it is a little after 11 o'clock right now Kyle has to go back to work in the morning unfortunately thank you guys so much for watching and we'll see you in our next vlog peace out go loco Carl is the best cat in the entire world oh he just loves being with us. He's awesome