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12 here Spain and 12 of March 3 March so everyone is welcome here in the chat that you are here all here speaking for a while waiting and the today's title aliens in the Greek mythology He is very curious because he the world of classical Greece in this case we can say that the term of the ancient Greece we will be talking about that period of the history of Greece where it covers from the dark ages starting approximately at 1200 before Christ and the doric invasion until the year 146 of our era that It would be ancient Greece obviously greece now it is a modern country we know that suffered several invasions by both the Greeks very later by the Ottoman Empire is say we are talking about that part of the Mediterranean world where has a lot of islands and it's a pretty country pretty nice but it's a country that although we talk about modern Greece in ancient greece He has left us a quantity of legacies within our own culture that is, those of us who are Spanish and that you are from latin america to which you are Spanish speakers, they have also left legacies in our language so greece is still present greece old 'is still present until our days but we're not going to talk about that history of ancient Greece but that let's talk about those extraterrestrials so to speak or those mythologies of the Ancient Greece 'and with us we have the companion alba of mysteries of the world hello alva good night hello very good Handsome well let's talk about mythologies and let's see let's chat because final let's talk a little bit and we are going to try so good to know a a little more those mythologies see those parallels what's up with the extraterrestrial gods that also calls us a lot the attention but before you start alva I know that on your channel you are playing some themes of mythology others not that you're playing lately on your channel Well, a month ago I went up the first video because I have started a good list of reproduction that is called mythologies of the world and my intention with that list of reproduction is talking about practically all good all many for example I have started with mythology Greek that this week I think I've hung the third video or the fourth day I do not remember but I've been with them for a month now that mythology and I still have to upload a couple of videos more but good everything so very summarized I choosing therefore things that more they attract attention because good talk about the whole Greek mythology not I can shoot a year doing videos of that mythology then to not do it more extensive as that as I said started by the Greek the next one is going to be the Egyptian mythology that I'm going to wait for us to go to Egypt and I bring me videos from there material from there and well, I will also do the fishing china the mesopotamia the nordic in short many that I will be long time talking about mythologies but good not I upload videos every week I wait for two or three weeks and so not tired either much to the followers that good the mythologies and these topics you already know that or you like them or they bore you good in mythology we can say that each one can give you the most relevant interpretations more like it or how good each one of you can give his own interpretation because that's what mythology is about made the word mythology is to count fictional stories that is the most or less what would come to say from the Greek mythology that is a compound word of two Greek words we see since in the fact of talking about mythologies is because of Greek origin we have many things more in the language and as I said then those mythologies are subject to some interpretations as mythologies and others because not so much nor so mythologies I still remember when certain person forbid you talk about mythologies but good this already long ago time then alva I want you to tell us about the twelve gods of olympus what do you think this is suggestion the twelve gods of Olympus tell us something if very good well you want to mention them good before start as I said then the mythology He tells us about fictional stories and good these stories of what we speak are adventures of life of the gods of the heroes the demigods and also the creatures mythological according to mythology be it but good this definition or whatever you want to call it it can be applied to any mythology well then the twelve gods of Olympus are the main gods of this mythology that is the pantheon of gods are twelve and they are also known like the Olympians for example I give you the I'm going to mention the twelve and we have aphrodite who was the goddess of love and apollo beauty that was the one from the sun to ares that was the sage war of the hunting Athena of the Dionysian War of Wine efe this was from fire and metals we have a was that it was of marriage Hermes who was the god of the merchants and thieves and then Hermes was also the messenger of the gods we also have hades the god from the underworld to poseidn that is his brother and good possessor the god of the oceans of the seas and of the horses and this aspect I do not know if what you will know what is also the god of the horses because there is a theory which says that poseidon derives from a kind of god horse then also he was considered as god of the horses of made in Rome 'you had it mainly as the god of the horse races and then also last but not least important because it would even be the most important of all this pantheon would be zeus who is brother of poseidn and of hades and good is the god of heaven and is the greatest sovereign of the Olympus from where these twelve gods lived if reading that jos cardoso says the Spartans the Spartans were not Greek friends were from Sparta were from greece now yes esparta is in the modern greece but ancient greece this is a theme that one day something like that it seems like we're talking about mythologies and all this from greece we'll talk about the Spartans of the Greek in the end of all those cities been we will make a small one a small historical talk because there are people who confuses confuse them with each other the Macedonians the Spartans the Greeks and it seems that everyone is Greek and it is not like that in fact neither the nor-nor had different arts different different languages but dialects different ones had to even standardize a common Greek for understood among all that area those different different zones the Trojans are other is to say you have to put a little bit of history to understand those little parts of greece that now if soria are from the modern greece as a modern country that it grew as a modern country does not have so many years dating from the Second World War I think not of the First World War dates the independence of greece if of the First World War the independence of greece from the empire Ottoman that greece during very much time has been invaded by countries or foreign nationalities also there has certain parallels also in its contemporary history and the Egypt that we know but we will continue a little more about this of the mythologies you think this proposal what have I done to you one day we talk about six and if I also do a lot of already notice if you do yes to the foolishness came already in truth I've already taken more a year with the podcast already enough months I made a podcast about about the Spartans over the 300 and the battle of thermopile thermopiles zeus so it's called my dog is also very curious and now we continue with the program I'm riding a theme of the atlantic to the microphone I'm riding a theme of the atlantis the next documentary that we are going to premiere here in this channel and also then we will premiere it in the channel the second premiere will be in the channel of alba mysteries of the world but very curious because today I was forgiving this anecdote and we are still my dog there milestone was lying and I was here editing with the speakers and in a sequence where alba speaks of poseidn brother of zeus comes the dog vila as decided who comes because he calls me it was for the whistle but well this is a anecdote to follow what is that pandora good thing now I tell it is the myth of pandora for example in this video that we are going to talk about pandora about birds and also the keeper these three myths I have chosen them explicitly because well these are the first they come to my mind surely there will be many more what happens is that I I do not know them, I have not studied them in the school the explicitly elected because for example some expressions or things that we have in our life come of Greek myths then those collected explicitly so that we can see where come some things that we have in our life then good in the myth of pandora we have a character that is I promised that good promising was the responsible for creating humanity and for this reason he was the friend of the mens but hey there was a day that zeus took him the fire to the men already I promise not he came up with something other than going to the Olympus steal the fire from zeus and return it to the humans then clear zeus who was the ruler of this mythology could not be played because Ceu would get angry right away then like punishment gave him the order to effect create a woman who was irresistible for men to create this woman Well, there were some gods that every god gave him a gift for example hermes vote of cunning to that woman atenea gave him wisdom and apolo gave the gift of the asper me that these they would be musical sounds and aphrodite how he did not give her beauty and sexuality well after endowing with these characteristics to this woman He gave this woman a box which contained good then a few evils for humanity for men Zeus Lee gave him Prometheus beautiful woman who was called pandora but prometheus rejected it because this so beautiful gift did not give very good thorn he thought there was something there hidden then pandora went with epimeteo who was the brother of prometeo and Prometheus warned his brother He said do not trust this gift but good epimeteo did not pay attention to him importance and ignored the warnings from his brother and he stayed with Pandora, well, when he was pime teo came a few years very happy very in love but of course the time was passing and Pandora's curiosity was going making her bigger she had a lot curiosity about that box that had given zeus she always wondered what there will be inside this box well as you already know that curiosity killed the cat one day pandora could not stand more and opened the box immediately when it opened it came out some noises frightening and behind those noises came out black smoke and it was this way as the land was filled with misfortunes of fights of diseases in short everything bad that we have to have everything in life this came out of that box therefore that beautiful world that was known until that day was no longer the same they were heard screams and fights in the streets finally there were bad things but there is one thing important in this myth that in the background from that box came one last thing that was it was about the hope that went with pigeon form the last thing that came out of that box was a pigeon that was flying that came out to try to fight the misfortunes that the world has then the teaching that transmits this myth is that despite things happening to us bad there is always hope and then from here comes the phrase that we we have today this famous phrase of Hope is the last thing you lose look where I had I did not know that final part and that interpretation you could also carry to the Christian myth or the Hebrew myth of not of Adam and Eve 'that apple to the world is something would be something very similar besides Adam and eva 'were happy and ate partridges I was cut this and everything was half full and Well, it's very funny and you hades I'm guarding this from the cancer keeper what is this notes made talk about this in addition I'm liking what you're talking about and to the friends who are in the chat we are also mythology is very nice that before you continue what I was trying to find what mythology that are two Greek words myths would be in classical Greek means more or less the speech with words or with acts of the word and the word act and speech would be something like myths and by extension an act or an act or a fact then is that in classical greek means the expression oral or written that is mythology is the person who tells a story what are you doing your mythology like we continue feet ages and that is the I know that the keeper in the football is the goalie lamella disembowelled we started badly let's start with birds who is the god of the underworld and how you I have commented before was brother of zeus and of poseidn then good is the god of Underworld and the dead and was a son of the titans chronos and rea Well, like all your brothers when he was born was devoured by his father and later he was rescued by zeus you will see this I am going to tell you zeus what he did was devour his children because there was a prophecy that He spoke that one of his children was going to dethrone is like I was going to take away the power therefore what was he doing every time the area gave birth to swallowed that son who was born but not died he would swallow it and stay inside of his belly but he was still alive this was so always until one day rea gave light to zeus without which chronos will find out So what he did was to rescue your brothers what he did when I rescued him was that he they divided the areas of the earth by Poseidon example stayed with the seas and with the oceans and good of poseidn I could tell you many more things but not I'm going to do it and I'm going to wait for watch the documentary of the atlantic good zeus stayed with the heavens and very in spite of himself, he stayed with the underworld with that part a little ugly and the truth is that it was an area that nobody he loved her and in the end it was the poor poor hades well well this way it saw in the obligation to monitor the tartar as was the ruler of underworld many at that time what associated with evil but the truth is what I will do will be rather rather altruistic he always maintained with a kind of balance and tried never to benefit one or another part was really known as one of the most Olympian gods neutral of all although this already It was like that but good as it was completely just living in the Underworld undiades came up kidnap persfone persfone was a day so quiet in the countryside that he was picking flowers for his mother of poking that was a goddess and good the kidnapped then his mother as he could not find it became very sad and you were he forgot to take care of the harvests of cramming a goddess but does not belong to the pantheon of the gods was a minor goddess then zeus as he knew the whereabouts of her daughter what she did was send hermes talk to birds to convince him that let her free and good thanks to the eloquence because the month had also the gift of the word managed to convince to hades but this one tended to him like a trap this girl gave him a grain of grenade that persfone ate and clear here was one thing and that is that if you ate something from the underworld was like a guy of condemnation for calling it in some way because you had to stay there then in this way the god married her and made her the goddess of the underworld and of course all this in this story is not we can forget about her mother that she I was very sad and as I told you had left aside the harvests and Clear the harvests if that goddess did not take care of them the Greeks had nothing to eat then zeus like I could not afford this gave the order that this girl persfone lived six months in the underworld conades with her husband and another six months on earth with his mother for six months that he was in the underworld without his mother the weather was cold and sad because the sadness of his mother and that's where he comes from the winter and the six months I was with her her mother was obviously happy and that's where the seasons come from of the good weather but it seems this myth is pretty very pretty, very nice, that's why we have seasons look at the old ones, everything to everything all in fact the is that the Greeks were one of the great observers of nature in all its extension but good also in other cultures the Sumerians also what did the Greeks do I believe that all these ancient cultures what they did was that to observe his surroundings and try to through this we are talking today of mythologies give an explanation for the people ordinary people without studies from that era well understood things and what he says in a sense it is very important to give a sense the curious thing is that in the ancient world was given a sense in relation to what they lived at that they to their daily life to their day to day then they were given that explanation but I want to ask you a question and this it's a surprise and you also give me the you answer then now not a study editor did a study comparing a Greek medium with Greek half an average citizen of the world and the question is who had more knowledge then we answer it then what we answered who had more knowledge of the Greek or that person average of today's humanity gives equal of the part of the world that yes we speak of an average person in terms to knowledge and then then what we answer you are going to surprise the underworld awaits you although he waits he waits before speaking the underworld I wanted to make you a kind of observation since we were talking about birds that is the god of the underworld and observation I already told you one day that we were talking about mythology and I already I said it but let's comment here with all the greetings that you see what difference for example with the Egyptians that as you well know throughout his life they prepared themselves for death they made offerings and also worshiped the gods of death but the Greeks do not the Greeks are going to is that they did not want know nothing about death and in fact no no they did not even talk about birds or they had no temple for him in fact for the ancient Greeks of those times yes that it's true that there was a place and that instead they thought they were but the real entrance to the underworld and in that site was discovered I do not remember how long ago how long did it discovered as a kind of inscription or engraving or good of something there written that he put for the god and for the goddess that is to say for and for persfone but that's it and there's nothing else look for belief with the Egyptians of fact indeed all of that has a explanation and it is known through art see how there is no no sculpture of that god or anything I already told you that I did not want to talk of him exact but the Greeks do not they talked about death because it was a culture that was immersed in beauty in beauty in life and in light or light beauty there we could highlight many stories of that philosophy perfection the beautiful is good and the ugly is bad life is good and death is bad we can chat a lot in relation to the subject of philosophy but that's what we will do in another program and the Egyptians the difference they had is that the beautiful they did not care a pepper but what they did care was that life beyond was to prepare his life for that trip to beyond is not the only culture in the Indo Valley also many cultures previous or parallel to Egyptian they also worshiped life beyond that is, they were preparing for go beyond what is the concept of beauty in the world in the egyptian world in the ancient world in ancient egypt appeared very late appeared very late is say when you say it for some way in this part of the Mediterranean it begins to create beauty as something good and in fact the Greek sculptures you will never find a bad sculpture done you will never find a sculpture in which you can see a misshapen figure it was perfect good to see this has been chopped up we continue in the live to see now again we are already here of new in that is to ancient Greece you're not going to find a badly made ugly sculpture all are well done because it was the cult of beauty and the Egyptians had another kind of culture and they beauty in a principle they did not care very much if obviously the beautiful was something nice but that was not a good thing while the Greeks the beautiful is well the ugly is bad that's inside the first philosophies of the Greeks curious what the underworld is very curious that would be our hell not the hell I do not think hell the Christian hell of dante gave him then an even more evil aspect that is the Greek world you were not going to say anything more I'm going to talk about the underworld and the clear keeper because that's what you I ask if not what happens is that as we have done this parenthesis to do the difference that there are with other cultures Well, let's go back to it, good, well, formerly for the Greeks when someone was dying you had the belief that the spirit of that person was going with hermes as I told you before messenger of the gods and this god what took to a trial after that trial took him to the place where he I found the famous Charon boatman well to enter the underworld had to pass the lake aqueronte or lagoon stygia can be call as you want this tour had what to do with a boat that in which I was going to paddle caronte caronte normally represented as a man pretty old and grumpy who is dressed as well as with some very old clothes with rags so dark colors but a sometimes he is represented as a demon with wings that carries a hammer Charon was the son of r & b and nix and as I already told you his main mission was lead to the spirit of the deceased from one shore to another the deceased what had to do was pay the trip and they should give him an egg for this reason when they were buried, they were currency under your tongue or you are this put two coins over the eyes we can see pretty well in the movie of good troy if they could not afford it they were condemned to go down I'm going to turn off until Charon agreed to take them from one shore to another without paying it was a chance Charon was imprisoned for a year or so because he left move to heracles without charging him because he was what forced them is like he did a blackmail well after the spirit get cross that river the soul meets the brain or cancer keeper that it was a three-headed dog with snake tail and on the back had also like many heads of snakes the prince the mission the main mission that this creature had was to take care of the doors of hades for that the living did not enter nor that come out the dead this good creature this beast he was the son of kitna and typhoon and although always fulfilled his mission very well there some alive that escaped him and that they could enter through the door example we have heracles that what terrified Aeneas drugged him and orpheed him He slept with his music in this part of the myth myth forgive me I always agreement of the phrase of the music tames to the beasts well then in the underworld we found a classification by example we have the Elysian fields for the blessed dead here we find to the mythical heroes who had the possibility of returning to the world of alive but everything has to be said and very few did they also have the tartar that was for the damned a prison that was surrounded by freight tote that was a river of fire from a the titans were here, but this place later also happened to be as I have told you a place for souls convicted and finally we find the fields so that it was like the abode of the dead where the souls e they were wandering with the lesser spirits Well, as you have already told us, but I'm still going to tell you is that this mythological being of cancerbero comes football goalkeepers are also know as a good keeper now that word is not so much said but it makes many years when the football matches yes it used to listen a lot to the word of the brewer or the keeper because why they guard a door is to say the goal equal what was this creature doing very curious would be that is the Egyptian god that would take you from one side to the other in the boat other it would not be would not be who is the god of underworld and that is equivalent I'll pass you then a book it's a career book but I have it in pdf the funny thing I have it here you what I'll go by then so you can see the equivalence of the Greek gods and Egyptians that they properly Greeks gave him as a lesson or by example we can say love of the god amon it was zeus and horus was pole osiris was dionisio crisis of putting the god peta It was tot effect hermes good I'll pass it to the goddess hathor therefore I will not pass is a book entertaining little one is a study not is a plan reading book is a book that you will like efe but let's continue I see that it is liking a lot are commenting buddies here in the chat says Raphael Alba asks and people from here the Greeks when they buried the they accompanied them with objects precious and personal apart from the coins for the boatman as the Egyptians the answer is yes even today there are people who are buried with effects personal if he says it says mysteries the answer is yes so you know let's continue a little bit more than me you say promising and for good promises or I'm going to talk about promising that this character that has already spoken in my videos but good I also think It has also seemed interesting that let's talk about some punishment that applied our friend zeus Well, Prometheus was the son of japeto and oce admin and asia was the brother of atlas de epimeteo and de mnez I like I told you before when has spoken of pandora was the introducer of fire and also the inventor of sacrifice well there was a day that did not he came up with something else that nothing else and nothing less than cheating on zeus sovereign of this mythology what he did was sacrificing an ox divided it into two parts in one part put the skin the meat and the viscera and all this what got inside the belly of the ox and in the other half what he did was put the bones but camouflages them because up put on like a layer of fat then you He told zeus to choose and good zeus he took the layer of fat immediately mind that he had really chosen bones then clear zeus when he realized he was outraged by this for this great deception and decided to deprive men of fire and then it is here as I have told you before I promise I'll go to Mount Olympus and steals the fire and gives it back to the men well well in this part of the myth what I have done to you has been divide it in two so to speak to you also from pandora but good here in this part Zeus after realizing what Prometheus had also sent effect to chain it in a very mountain high in which every day would go a eagle to visit him and in turn to devour his liver but of course I promise not to it was a normal or common titan to say the least in some way your liver which is what it happened to him that he regenerated in the eagle he ate it but then he regenerated then what happens that this it was a constant pain every day but hey one day he killed the eagle and so got this punishment so so scary that he put zeus will finish in punishment what pain do I have marked an eagle and he eats it and then he puts it back on a new one and the eagle comes back is one thing a sentence that never stops it is a continuous pain the truth is that should I do not know if he has say he was not going to tell you that zeus applied to very strong punishments if it says mysteries he says very curious the punishments of the gods had no mercy they were cold logical and almost perverse in your decisions is this way sometimes the Paradox of the theme of the Greek gods the paradox and the coincidence look what strange thing is not that they were cold calculators were very little humans for many things and then very human and very carnal and this we see repeatedly in different passages Hebrews of ancient times will we also see it the gods that already those those fallen angels that came down to the land and they mixed with the daughters of the men we see that they were gods or they were deities who then had very carnal pleasures concrete and we also see there both parts we see that there is much parallelism also within the Greeks and the world the biblical world not the ancient world let's continue we have 2 more temitas they talk about tantalus yes tantalize it this is another character that zeus punishment I have brought you from the punishments that I know I brought you to tantalize him I promise that he is very famous but good if you want to know a little more about this topic in my last video that I uploaded if I do not remember badly this Thursday I think it was Thursday on mythology the video what I have done was explicitly about the punishments but good we go with tantalus well then tantalum was the son of the ocean and de pluto and the god zeus zeus I wanted it so much I appreciated it so much that always invited him to the banquets that celebrated in the Olympus is to say that so much he rubbed elbows with the gods more important and here in this story we have several versions about events for example some say that both upset and started to act badly and others say that the relationship that he had with the gods made will begin to boast about it with the mortals is to say that he presented as someone superior and despised the rest of the mortals but good the truth is that all agree that there were several actions that propitiated the cure and the punishment because the truth is that what he did so much then he brings them then good it seems that he was telling the secrets I had heard everyone in Olympus the mortals and also also stole nectar and clear ambrosia these events the gods did not like anything and much least Zeus liked well, one day, I invite you so much gods to a banquet on the mountain yes pilot and here happened one thing that is that no I had food for everyone and he decided to serve a special dish but special in capitals and its own harvest to be able to feed him everyone will see so much what is not there was something else that butchered his son hair pe what dismembered leisure his members and he served this dish to his invited to the gods clear when He served the hair stew but for llamarlo de alguna manera los dioses se dieron cuenta de que de lo que haba ah en el plato y lo rechazaron con bastante horror todos los rechazaron menos de meter que como os he contado al principio del directo de meter cuando sucedieron estos acontecimientos estaban mal y triste por la prdida reciente de su hija persfone y bueno pues esta diosa sin darse cuenta se comi el hombro de del hijo de tntalo pues bueno y entr en clera y pidi a hermes que volviera a conocer el cuerpo de lpez y que como de meter se haba comido el hombro pues bueno que forjar un hombro con marfil de delfn y despus despus de volver a coger su cuerpo le dieron vida a travs de las famosas movidas as well zeus mat a tanta lo y fue colgado por orden del mismo en un rbol en un rbol del trtaro pues bien a partir de ese momento su condena sera pasar la eternidad colgado de ese rbol sin poder beber agua ni poder comer nada l estaba sobre un lago pero a pesar de esto cada vez que intentaba coger agua slo se poda mojar los labios que ya los tena secos y claro esto le daba una mayor sensacin de ser y adems el rbol tena muchos frutos pero claro cada vez que intentaba coger un fruto vena una rfaga de viento y se lo tiraba por el suelo es decir que el castigo que tuvo was and estar ah que si tiene sed tienes un lago pero no vas a poder beber tienes hambre tienes frutos pero no puedes comer fjate es que tambin la ocurrencia que tuvo tanta lo matar a su hijo muy curioso tambin era que la matar al hijo y servirlo para comrselo no se le agregarn bestias esta gente para contar nuestras metforas y estas historias uno un poquito bestias y desagradable pero bueno a saber a saber si estas historias pues tenan algn trasfondo de realidad no no no sera la primera vez que se conocen casos de canibalismo vamos a continuar perdn las gorgonas las gorgonas cuntanos qu son las gordon bueno pues se cuenta que las gorgonas eran unas mujeres guerreras con alas y con una mirada que te dejaba de piedra pero vamos literalmente las gorgonas eran tres hermanas medusa que yo creo que es la ms famosa de todas este no y euryale se dice que tenan poderes mentales fsicos y que tambin tenan la capacidad de curar pues bien a estos seres se les suele representar con una en vez de pelo tienen la cabeza llena de serpientes que estn vivas su mirada lo que haca era que cualquier persona que las mirara se convirtiera en piedra y adems de esto como las serpientes que tenan en el pelo estaban vivas podan morder y envenenar a cualquiera que se les acercara como ya os he dicho la ms conocida de estas hermanas era medusa que segn la leyenda era una mujer muy guapa y era sacerdotisa en el templo de la diosa atenea pues bien tuvo un acercamiento con poseidn y medusa o sea poseidn tuvo el acercamiento con medusa justamente en el templo de atenea entonces claro a tener enfurecida porque no poda permitir esto lo que hizo fue castigar la y convertirla en un ser monstruoso aqu lo que pas es que posedo l la viol y claro la sacerdotisa de sacerdotisas perdn de ese templo deban ser puras deban de ser vrgenes y claro encima fjate qu cosas encima de que fue posedo en el que la viola el que se aprovecha de ella luego encima el castigo para ella el curioso son temas de dentro de la historia dentro de la historia y dentro de las mitologas pero ahora vamos a pasar un poquito ms a ese tema de extraterrestres que yo creo que a nuestros amigos tambin les gusta yo te quiero preguntar a ti ahora ya de una forma ms distendida que por cierto el entre un hombre medio de la humanidad moderna y de la grecia antigua' la grecia clsica el ms inteligente era el griego el que ms conocimientos tena bueno esto lo habamos preguntado antes y lo contestamos ahora pero ya como ves esto de que haya dioses que adems su fisonoma es mayor que la del ser humano ms grande ms robusta ms alto siempre vemos que los dioses estn en el monte olimpo en un lugar superior al resto de los mortales hay dioses dioses menores semidioses qu tiene que ver todo esto con los extraterrestres alva true que como lo es bueno yo la creencia que yo tengo la teora de que aparte de aqu en los griegos o sea en fin en muchsimas culturas antiguas y civilizaciones todas tienen su mitologa o prcticamente todas tienen su mitologa y como bien sabes existen muchas culturas que ya s que soy una pesada con este tema pero bueno que hablan de la llegada de unos dioses que vinieron de las estrellas entonces claro esas personas les llamaban dioses yo creo que les llamaban dioses porque igual los vean que eran superiores a ellos porque esos dioses eran los que les daban los que les daban esos conocimientos entonces claro pues esas personas en su poca igual la palabra extraterrestres no exista y les llamaban dioses y entonces yo soy yo soy muy fan de la teora que cree que a lo que ellos llamaban dioses es lo que nosotros hoy en da llamamos extraterrestres con lo cual estara de acuerdo con esta teora de los dioses ancestrales como a los antiguos astronautas los antiguos viajeros del espacio que llegaran pues a este planeta a este planeta y que de una forma u otra nos daran sus conocimientos y sus enseanzas su tambin crees que ellos mostraron al hombre el camino material el camino espiritual el camino como humanidad qu opinas de esto s yo creo que s adems en muchos de los vdeos que yo llevo ya hechos y lo cuento que yo tengo la creencia de que fue as y de hecho yo pienso que por ejemplo en cuanto a las culturas vemos que hay construcciones que son unas construcciones que a da de hoy con toda la tecnologa que tenemos no somos ni capaces de hacer entonces ese conocimiento se lo dieron esos dioses de hecho me acuerdo una vez que estuvimos hablando justamente de infotep que fue tocado por la mano de los dioses y le dieron conocimiento te acuerdas s s s perfectamente yo soy de la misma teora y de esto hemos hablado en privado muchas veces hemos intercambiado mucho mucha opinin mucho conocimiento also es sera curioso en da grabar estas conversaciones y luego pasarlas aqu en un vdeo tenemos conversaciones ancestrales muy yo pienso que si yo pienso que hay dioses esos dioses que viajaron a travs del espacio y que resolvieron el problema de las distancias en el universo y que quizs estn ms cerca de lo que nosotros nos pensamos y ellos pudieron resolver ese ese tema yo s que la ciencia hoy en da busca esos otros mundos que la ciencia est en bsqueda constante aunque tenemos testimonios en este en este mundo que hemos podido entrevistar que hemos podido ver hemos podido pues mostrar incluso pruebas de que algo nos ha visitado y algo nos visita en la antigedad y en la poca modern yo creo que s yo creo que esa es una de las teoras sera las ms la ms acertada incluso por parte de muchos gobiernos y por parte de fin de de muchas personas what de forma oculta no lo dicen pero lo we think as que alva gracias por quieres aadir alguna cosita ms no que si quieres otro da dentro de un tiempo porque ya te he dicho estas estos temas creo que no hay que ser pesados y no hacerlos todas las semanas porque como te comentado estos temas o te gustan o son un tostn entonces si quieres prximamente dentro de un tiempo hacemos una segunda parte porque yo creo que a la gente que le gusta pues estos temas pues le gustan y son historias entretenidas bonitas y no se devuelve a mi hija me gustan mucho these issues si la verdad la verdad es que s raquel martnez gutirrez dicen todas las culturas se hace alusin de seres extraterrestres y es demasiada chance en eso en eso me he basado yo raquel toda mi vida y adems cuando estudias historia y aunque todo lo ves bajo un prisma de dentro del conocimiento ms acadmico y ms ortodoxo incluso hasta los propios profesores dicen que son demasiadas coincidencias en una y en otra cultura pero esto lo podemos tratar como dice alba ms adelante un poquito ms adelante y charlar sobre todo este topic alva qu vas a hacer prximamente en tu canal que tienes previsto contarnos un poco ojo bueno pues la semana que viene porque aparte de de la lista de reproduccin de la saga est que tengo con las mitologas hace un par de meses empec tambin otra saga sobre el parche y bueno la semana que viene har un vdeo de o parche luego tambin os voy a hacer y algo sobre la tierra hueca luego tambin tengo un vdeo sobre seres de leyenda que bueno como veis me gustan mucho esos temas y luego tambin hace ya tres o cuatro semanas tambin que empec otra serie de vdeos yo no s cmo me las apao que no parece de empezar cosas nuevas as que son muy largas sobre los relatos de lovecraft y bueno eso ya como hace ya cuatro semanas as que lo hice ya va tocando y no saber si hacemos tambin algn directo que ya te coment que si te pareca bien lo podramos hacer el director mi canal sobre una conversacin una charla de stas como las que tenemos de que pueda haber despus de la muerte buena pregunta me apunto a es directo es una conversacin muy trascendental si puede ser bonito o desagradable porque quiz algunos piensan una cosa y otros pensamos pues s s podemos hablar hablar de este tema y llevarlo a tu canal pues ya sabis misterios del mundo con algo espejo que hemos tenido esta noche con nosotros investigadora miembro del equipo de en busca de la verdad vicepresidenta de la sociedad en busca de la verdad espaa muchas cosas ms vamos a por rellenar aqu un currculum aqu de alba ojo y que adems en su da se le prohibi hablar de mitologas y me parece muy bien que lo ests haciendo pues s porque a m es un tema que me love ya todos nos gusta todo as que ya sabes nos vamos a egipto el mes que viene si ya no queda nada madre ma qu nervios s y yo con estos pelos con estos pocos pelos porque si digo la verdad tampoco me quiero mucho pero si intent conservarlos los cuido los mismos les canto les bail los peino de vez en cuando para que no se me para que no me abandonen as que chicos gracias salva por haber estado en este directo ha sido muy interesante hemos tenido pues un poquito ms de 100 personas en este directo y ya sabes te invito en otro momento pues nada muchas gracias a ti a toda la gente que ha estado vindonos y ya a la que nos vern gracias a ti ya vosotros que os voy a decir amigos que estis atentos hay pendiente de todo lo que hablamos de todo lo que decimos estis ah atentos atentos si queris os dejis preguntas aqu debajo y quiero recordaros que tenemos nueva plataforma web de lv.es ah es una pgina renovada rafa fernndez punto es ha pasado a la historia porque era quiz algo ms personal y ahora lo hemos hecho pues ms en acorde a los tiempos en los que estamos viviendo las diferentes los diferentes canales dentro de la plataforma de lv pues tenemos a misterios del mundo de alba al espejo tenemos en busca de la verdad el tribuno que lo tengo ah un poquito abandonado ese canal el tribuno de rafa fernndez vlez v live no s si esto se me han cortado si sigo poco vale es que se me para esto y no s si s bueno tenemos el tribuno de rafa fernndez vlez v live y tambin el canal de azucena 'top ten' life lv tambin tenemos historias al alba tenemos mecenas misterios de mecenas en ivoox tenemos un montn de cositas donde os podis entretener y no s qu hacer porque cuando te metes en el lv punto es y ah lo tienes todo desde audios videos y diferentes cosas tambin we're con un nuevo proyecto aunque ahora vamos a hacer un estreno del cuarto documental en busca de la verdad sobre la atlntida vamos a hablar de la atlntida histrica y de esa atlntida pues que hay misterios que no se sabe lo que es donde est tema extraterrestre vais a ver unas imgenes preciosas inditas hemos viajado mucho para traeros la a vosotros aqu a este canal y estamos ya ideando el quinto documental ya sera el quinto para el mes de mayo porque ahora en abril viajamos a egipto y haremos un diario de viaje en los vdeos os iremos enviando vdeos y luego ya posteriormente cuando estemos aqu los veris ya montados algunos otros en directo otros ya editados porque de momento no voy a volver a egipto el este este ao es el ltimo ao que voy a egipto no s si ms adelante o no ir tenemos que abrir otras nuevas de viaje y otros otros nuevos lugares de adventure y de momento egipto lo vamos a dejar aparcado un tiempo y volveremos ms adelante en este en este nuevo proyecto iremos a montserrat a barcelona a la provincia de barcelona y grabaremos diferentes temas en relacin a montserrat montserrat como montaa mgica el tema de los ovnis el tema de los avistamientos ovni el tema de las desapariciones misteriosas el tema de la aparicin de la virgen y el santo grial que estuvo buscndose all por parte del tercer reich de alemania de los alemanes y la aparicin misteriosa de esa virgen de montserrat que deja mucho as en el aire y lo vamos a tratar todos esos temas en el prximo documental que vamos a grabar y primero estrenaremos el de la atlntida y para el mes de mayo nos iremos a barcelona para ello pues hemos abierto un crowdfunding y nuestra misin es llegar a 500 euros aproximadamente y bueno todos los que queris colaborar participar en la plataforma se pondr a vuestra fotografa vuestro nombre y os iremos informando de todo un poquito as que ah tenis lv.es lo tenis ah directamente la plataforma nueva y por mi parte ya os he dado todas estas informaciones volveremos con ms vdeos y como siempre os digo gracias por venir un beso y nos vemos en el prximo programa hasta la prxima