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HEY TRIPPSTERS please excuse me I'm a little under the weather right now my allergies


Are flared up really bad okay Shania Twain news now on the front page of my website you can get the details on this the link is in the description but Shania Twain is going to perform on August 28th at the US Open Arthur Ashe Stadium she is going to be the huge deal act that is going to perform there so we're getting at least that concert from her now there is an actual second date that has already been previously scheduled which will be September 10th which is the radio to live in Hyde Park so we're getting two shows from her this year so far BC but while she was at a Grand Slam tennis match recently she was interviewed and she gave us a tidbit of information during the interview where she said that she will tour but she has actually said yes I will tour in several interviews before this here's the thing no she gave us a little bit more she says that she will tour in 2018 with the new album okay so the new high bunk comes out September 29th excuse me but she's not going to start the official tour until next year in 2018 and she doesn't have any dates scheduled for it yet so keep an eye out guys I will keep an eye out and as soon as we start getting official dates I will let you guys know but if you check on my website the official my official Shania Twain site the link is in the description I have a tour page specifically for any dates that she has scheduled so far we've only got two on there but two is better than none okay so when when she starts scheduling the tour dates I will put them up on the tour page on the site and as far as tickets I will try to get links and put them right next to each tour date for anybody who wants to get tickets anyway I just wanted to let you guys know yes the official tour starts in 2018 according to Shania Twain herself and I actually have a clip that I can show you and here it is I will tour in 2018 so I don't have a data point I'm going to start yet but that is absolutely the plan so as you can see she actually said it herself she will tour in 2018 so we've got two dates so far for this year if any more come up I'll let you guys know and the tour will start next year but I just wanted to keep you guys up to date and that is going to do it for now this is ICEPETS Queen and I am tripping out