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GB The Royal Wedding was beautiful and touching moment, but was it perfect Well


Talk about it in a while. Its time to sum up Royal Wedding. I assure you that all the Ill give you my honest opinion. Some of you may not like my point of view but still Im a professionalist so probably I can see more details, that could go unnoticed. Lets start from guests. Victoria and David Beckham. I must say that in my opinion the way they show theirself were class all the way. David Beckham appeared in Dior morning suit Victoria wore navy blue dress by her own brand. But some were less than impressed with Victoria's choice. Some fans were quick to mock Victoria as she arrived to the happy day with some suggesting she looked like she was ready to arrive to a funeral I cant agree with that. Navy blue is one of the most elegant colors Victoria looked amazing with great respect to the ceremony. Duchess Kate has actually worn her coat dress on three other occasions. Duchess is famous for her frugal but I think she went a step too far. There were speculations that her choice was actually so as to not overshadow the bride. But being honest It doesnt matter if she would wore brand new outfit or old one. Her dress would be commented anyway. One of the best dressed wedding guest was Amal Clooney The human rights lawyer and wife of George Clooney arrived at the Royal Wedding in a stunning mustard color gown. Definitely she looked stunning, but there were voices that she broke the etiquette. Her dress has too big cleavage. We come to main characters of the Royal Wedding. Prince Harry becomes first royal in 125 years to wed with a beard He needed permission from the Queen to sport the beard, a break from protocol. I must say that it was a good thing. He looks more masculine with his facial hair. Queen Elisabeth II For a long time we didnt know is she come to the wedding. Day before the ceremony Kensington Palace revealed Official Order of Service for the wedding where we could read, that Her Royal Majesty will attend her grandson wedding But imagine, that the Queen was few minutes late. She wore vibrant lime dress with violet accents. Meghan Markle. Duchess of Sussex chose Givenchy wedding dress. I love the idea of minimal and elegant, stylish dress although this kind of dress has to be perfect to impress and unfortunately it wasnt. Gown didnt highlight Meghans figure. Its not about plunging neckline If it would be fitted, highlight her bosom, waist, and hips it would balance the silhouette. Too big sleeves optically added the Bride pounds the dress was also wrinkled, which not look good I think the gown was too big for Meghan this is the reason why it doesnt look as good as It should Every single bride needs to have his gown perfectly fitted. Its clear that Meghan was stressed before the big day and may lost some pounds but still her dress should be perfectly tailored This modest dress as many of you think cost about 300 000 British Pounds which is 1 500 000 Polish zlotys. In my opinion at this price it should be perfect. Another controversial thing Hairstyle and makeup Again some of you think that she make it on her own but its not true Kensington Palace published statement, that her hair and makeup was made by professionals And it was said that it cost about 13 000 US dolars. I know polish prices and world prices and world prices but Ive never heard about such amounts and I cant imagine what stylists should do to make their work that much value. Meghan decided to look very natural and I know some of you liked this idea Shes a beautiful woman and she doesnt need strong makeup to look stunning but I think something is missing in her hairstyle and makeup It was her wedding day after all. Stunning very long veil was embroidered with the flowers of all 53 countries in the Commonwealth Meghans bridal bouquet contains a lily of the valley, a floral symbol of happiness, Picked by Harry forget me nots which were among Princess Dianas favourite flowers and a sprig of myrtle visible from the top, as is traditional for significant royal brides. Before the reception Meghan changed her dress. She appeard in a backless, halter-necked gown by Stella McCartney I must say, that I love this outfit. She looked very feminine, delicate but still elegant and classy. And the gown has all the things, that was missing in her first dress. Meghan Markle wore Diana's Asprey ring to her evening reception a 'something blue' gift from Prince Harry. I love the idea of the Royal Wedding but there was some point that should be perfected Fortunately, newlyweds beauty, youth and love saved the day. I cant wait to read your opinion about the royal wedding please leave it in comment below humbs up this video if you liked it and subscribe my channel! Hope to see you again!