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One time we're wrong, you know, a lot of people can die. The vast majority of Empire Shield soldiers either grew up in the city or right outside the city. So they have invested interest. They're protecting their backyard, their families, their friends. (drill sergeant yelling) We form up here at Fort Hamilton early in the morning. All the soldiers do their PCIs, PCCs, draw their weapons, do sensitive items check, accountability, and then we all convoy over in suburban smaller deformation sites in New York City. So that would include the New PATH World Trade Center where we have our mission sites. Grand Central Station, Penn Station, Port Authority bus terminal, JFK Airport, La Guardia Airport, the bridges and tunnels here in New York City. Hey, good morning. How ya doin' You don't know what you don't prevent, but the fact that New York City hasn't had a major terrorist attack since 9/11, I think is due to many reasons, but I think one of them is a strong counter-terrorism efforts, unified effort with law enforcement, and I know we're a part of that so I think as long as everybody goes home safely and there's no terrorism attack, I think that is a success. The future of the task force will really depend on the threat, and, you know, the world seems to be more dangerous than it has been. It seems to be getting more dangerous every year so I think as long as we continue to add value and to assist our partner agencies, and deter and detecting terrorism, I think the future for the task force looks pretty bright. And I can remember right after 9/11, there was a lot of talk. A lot of major corporations and banks, you know, thinking, gee, should we move out of New York City if it's such a big terrorist target, and commuters coming in felt, you know, comfortable seeing special guard soldiers and they still continue to feel safe.